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History and Allure

The earliest depictions of “anglers”, as yet discovered, date back thousands of years and include both ancient Egyptians and Chinese using a rod, a line and an angle – a material bent to the shape of a hook. With this thought in mind, it is not difficult to imagine more prehistoric tool-shapers the world over

Salt for Freshwater Anglers

If there are any great lessons to be taken from life, from experience, or from a body of water, one is likely to be that what we have learned in one instance can serve us well in another. Consider the last time you walked by a stream, observing the twists and tumblings of the water

On the Water with Gary Rymer

The Chesapeake, the Virginia and the North Carolina coastal waters offer some of the richest fishing waters and most beautiful boating experiences one may have. But the idea of heading offshore in Hatteras in a 17 foot Aquasport is not one to be considered lightly. The sea can change her character in a heartbeat, and

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